pidgin  2.14.13dev
gtkpounce.h File Reference

GTK+ Buddy Pounce API. More...

#include "pounce.h"

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void pidgin_pounce_editor_show (PurpleAccount *account, const char *name, PurplePounce *cur_pounce)
 Displays a New Buddy Pounce or Edit Buddy Pounce dialog. More...
void pidgin_pounces_manager_show (void)
 Shows the pounces manager window.
void pidgin_pounces_manager_hide (void)
 Hides the pounces manager window.
void * pidgin_pounces_get_handle (void)
 Returns the gtkpounces handle. More...
void pidgin_pounces_init (void)
 Initializes the GTK+ pounces subsystem.

Detailed Description

GTK+ Buddy Pounce API.

Definition in file gtkpounce.h.

Function Documentation

◆ pidgin_pounce_editor_show()

void pidgin_pounce_editor_show ( PurpleAccount account,
const char *  name,
PurplePounce cur_pounce 

Displays a New Buddy Pounce or Edit Buddy Pounce dialog.

accountThe optional account to use.
nameThe optional name to pounce on.
cur_pounceThe current buddy pounce, if editing an existing one.

◆ pidgin_pounces_get_handle()

void* pidgin_pounces_get_handle ( void  )

Returns the gtkpounces handle.

The handle to the GTK+ pounces system