Declaration [src]

purple_protocol_media_send_dtmf (
  PurpleProtocolMedia* protocol_media,
  PurpleMedia* media,
  gchar dtmf,
  guint8 volume,
  guint8 duration

Description [src]

Sends a DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency) signal via the established media for the given duration at the given volume.

It is up to the specific implementation if DTMF is send in or out of band.

Available since:3.0.0


media PurpleMedia

The PurpleMedia instance.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
dtmf gchar

A DTMF to send.

volume guint8

The volume to send dtmf at.

duration guint8

The duration to send dtmf (in ms?)

Return value

Returns: gboolean

TRUE if successful, FALSE otherwise.