since: 3.0.0

Declaration [src]

purple_plugin_info_new (
  const char* first_property,

Description [src]

Creates a new PurplePluginInfo instance to be returned from

plugin_query of a plugin, using the provided name/value pairs.

All properties except id” and purple-abi” are optional.

Valid property names are: id” (string) The ID of the plugin. abi-version” (guint32) The ABI version required by the plugin. name” (string) The translated name of the plugin. version” (string) Version of the plugin. category” (string) Primary category of the plugin. summary” (string) Brief summary of the plugin. description” (string) Full description of the plugin. authors” (const gchar * const *) A NULL-terminated list of plugin authors. format: First Last <user`;</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"website"</literal></entry> <entry>(string) Website of the plugin.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"icon"</literal></entry> <entry>(string) Path to a plugin's icon.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"license-id"</literal></entry> <entry>(string) Short name of the plugin's license. This should either be an identifier of the license from <ulink url=""> DEP5</ulink> or "Other" for custom licenses.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"license-text"</literal></entry> <entry>(string) The text of the plugin's license, if unlisted on DEP5.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"license-url"</literal></entry> <entry>(string) The plugin's license URL, if unlisted on DEP5.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"dependencies"</literal></entry> <entry>(<type>const gchar * const *</type>) ANULL-terminated list of plugin IDs required by the plugin.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"pref-frame-cb"</literal></entry> <entry>(PurplePluginPrefFrameCb) Callback that returns a preferences frame for the plugin.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"pref-request-cb"</literal></entry> <entry>(PurplePluginPrefRequestCb) Callback that returns a preferences request handle for the plugin.</entry> </row> <row><entry><literal>"flags"</literal></entry> <entry>(PurplePluginInfoFlags`) The flags for a plugin.


Available since: 3.0.0

This method is not directly available to language bindings.



Type: const char*

The first property name.

The data is owned by the caller of the function.
The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.


The value of the first property, followed optionally by more name/value pairs, followed by NULL.

Return value

Type: GPluginPluginInfo

A new PurplePluginInfo instance.

The caller of the function takes ownership of the data, and is responsible for freeing it.