pidgin  2.14.13dev
_PurpleSslConnection Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * host
 Hostname to which the SSL connection will be made.
int port
 Port to connect to.
void * connect_cb_data
 Data to pass to PurpleSslConnection::connect_cb()
PurpleSslInputFunction connect_cb
 Callback triggered once the SSL handshake is complete.
PurpleSslErrorFunction error_cb
 Callback triggered if there is an error during connection.
void * recv_cb_data
 Data passed to PurpleSslConnection::recv_cb()
PurpleSslInputFunction recv_cb
 User-defined callback executed when the SSL connection receives data.
int fd
 File descriptor used to refer to the socket.
guint inpa
 Glib event source ID; used to refer to the received data callback in the glib eventloop.
PurpleProxyConnectData * connect_data
 Data related to the underlying TCP connection.
void * private_data
 Internal connection data managed by the SSL backend (GnuTLS/LibNSS/whatever)
 Verifier to use in authenticating the peer.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file sslconn.h.

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