pidgin  2.14.13dev
_PidginLogViewer Struct Reference

A GTK+ Log Viewer. More...

#include <gtklog.h>

Data Fields

GList * logs
 The list of logs viewed in this viewer

GtkWidget * window
 The viewer's window

GtkTreeStore * treestore
 The treestore containing said logs

GtkWidget * treeview
 The treeview representing said treestore.
GtkWidget * imhtml
 The imhtml to display said logs

GtkWidget * entry
 The search entry, in which search terms are entered

PurpleLogReadFlags flags
 The most recently used log flags

char * search
 The string currently being searched for

GtkWidget * label
 The label at the top of the log viewer


Detailed Description

A GTK+ Log Viewer.

You can look at logs with it.

Definition at line 40 of file gtklog.h.

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