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gntroomlist.h File Reference

GNT Room List API. More...

#include "roomlist.h"
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void finch_roomlist_init (void)
 Initialize the roomlist subsystem.
PurpleRoomlistUiOpsfinch_roomlist_get_ui_ops (void)
 Get the ui-functions. More...
void finch_roomlist_show_all (void)
 Show the roomlist dialog.
void finch_roomlist_uninit (void)
 Uninitialize the roomlist subsystem.

Detailed Description

GNT Room List API.

Definition in file gntroomlist.h.

Function Documentation

◆ finch_roomlist_get_ui_ops()

PurpleRoomlistUiOps * finch_roomlist_get_ui_ops ( void  )

Get the ui-functions.

The PurpleRoomlistUiOps structure populated with the appropriate functions.