since: 0.1

Description [src]

final class Hasl.MechanismExternal : Hasl.Mechanism {
  /* No available fields */

Implements the SASL EXTERNAL mechanism per RFC 4422.

If HaslContext:authzid is set, it will be used.

There are multiple ways that a server could externally authenticate a user, so there is no dependency on HaslContext:tls as the server could be authenticating via IP addresses for example.

Available since: 0.1

Instance methods

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This is used by ctx to determine if it should even attempt mechanism.


Tells mechanism to perform it’s next step. If mechanism is complete it should return TRUE. If the mechanism was not successfully, it should return TRUE but set error.

since: 0.1

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Class structure

struct HaslMechanismExternalClass {
  HaslMechanismClass parent_class;
No description available.
Class members
parent_class: HaslMechanismClass
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