GNT (GLib Ncurses Toolkit) is an ncurses toolkit for creating text-mode graphical user interfaces in a fast and easy way.

I. Core API Reference
General — General API for managing GNT
Colors — Managing and parsing colors
Keys — Key value lookup and transformation
Styles — Styling from a configuration file
Utility functions — Various internal utility functions
II. Widget Class Reference
General Widget Classes
GntBindable — Key-bindable GObjects
GntBox — A box for packing widgets in a single row or column
GntWidget — A general widget
Windows and Window Management
GntFileSel — A widget for selecting a file or directory
GntWindow — A toplevel window
GntWM — A window manager
GntWS — Workspace API
Display Widgets
GntLabel — A widget that displays text
GntLine — A widget that draws a horizontal or vertical line
GntProgressBar — A widget that shows progress visually
GntSlider — A widget for selecting from a range of values
GntTree — A widget that shows a tree of items
Button Widgets
GntButton — A widget that can be activated
GntCheckbox — A widget that can be toggled
Menu and Combo Box Widgets
GntMenu — A widget for a toplevel or popup menu
GntMenuItem — An item within a menu
GntMenuItemCheck — A menu item with a check box
GntComboBox — A widget for selecting between multiple choices
Text Widgets
GntClipboard — A short-term text storage buffer
GntEntry — A widget for entering text
GntTextView — A widget for displaying larger bodies of formatted text
III. Appendices
API Index
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.14.0
Index of new symbols in 2.7.3
Index of new symbols in 2.6.0
Index of new symbols in 2.4.2
Index of new symbols in 2.4.0
Index of new symbols in 2.3.0
Index of new symbols in 2.2.0
Index of new symbols in 2.1.1
Index of new symbols in 2.1.0
Annotation Glossary