Part II. Widget Class Reference

Table of Contents

General Widget Classes
GntBindable — Key-bindable GObjects
GntBox — A box for packing widgets in a single row or column
GntWidget — A general widget
Windows and Window Management
GntFileSel — A widget for selecting a file or directory
GntWindow — A toplevel window
GntWM — A window manager
GntWS — Workspace API
Display Widgets
GntLabel — A widget that displays text
GntLine — A widget that draws a horizontal or vertical line
GntProgressBar — A widget that shows progress visually
GntSlider — A widget for selecting from a range of values
GntTree — A widget that shows a tree of items
Button Widgets
GntButton — A widget that can be activated
GntCheckbox — A widget that can be toggled
Menu and Combo Box Widgets
GntMenu — A widget for a toplevel or popup menu
GntMenuItem — An item within a menu
GntMenuItemCheck — A menu item with a check box
GntComboBox — A widget for selecting between multiple choices
Text Widgets
GntClipboard — A short-term text storage buffer
GntEntry — A widget for entering text
GntTextView — A widget for displaying larger bodies of formatted text