Declaration [src]

purple_account_privacy_allow (
  PurpleAccount* account,
  const char* who

Description [src]

Allow a user to send messages. If current privacy setting for the account is: PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_ALLOW_USERS: The user is added to the allow-list. PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_DENY_USERS : The user is removed from the deny-list. PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_ALLOW_ALL : No changes made. PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_DENY_ALL : The privacy setting is changed to PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_ALLOW_USERS and the user is added to the allow-list. PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_ALLOW_BUDDYLIST: No changes made if the user is already in the buddy-list. Otherwise the setting is changed to PURPLE_ACCOUNT_PRIVACY_ALLOW_USERS, all the buddies are added to the allow-list, and the user is also added to the allow-list.

The changes are reflected on the server. The previous allow/deny list is not restored if the privacy setting is changed.


who const char*

The name of the user.

 The data is owned by the caller of the function.
 The value is a NUL terminated UTF-8 string.