pidgin 2.14.14dev
Todo List
Global _PurpleEventLoopUiOps::timeout_add )(guint interval, GSourceFunc function, gpointer data)
Who is responsible for freeing data?
Global purple_certificate_check_signature_chain (GList *chain)

Specify which certificate in the chain caused a failure

Global purple_certificate_display_x509 (PurpleCertificate *crt)
Will break on CA certs, as they have no Common Name
Global purple_certificate_signed_by (PurpleCertificate *crt, PurpleCertificate *issuer)
Find a way to give the reason (bad signature, not the issuer, etc.)
This reason really shouldn't be necessary. Usernames and other account preferences should be validated when the account is created.
Global purple_util_write_data_to_file_absolute (const char *filename_full, const char *data, gssize size)
Remove this function (use g_file_set_contents instead) when 3.0.0 rolls around.
Global PurpleCmdFunc )(PurpleConversation *, const gchar *cmd, gchar **args, gchar **error, void *data)
document the arguments to these functions.
Global PurpleSslOps::get_peer_certificates )(PurpleSslConnection *gsc)
Decide whether the ordering of certificates in this list can be guaranteed.
Page Signals HOWTO

This could be described better.

Describe this more.