Perl5 Plugins

You MUST have the Perl5 loader plugin installed and working as well as the gobject-introspection package for GPlugin installed to use Perl5 plugins.

Example Perl5 Plugin

Like all plugins in GPlugin, Perl5 plugins must also implement the gplugin_query, gplugin_load, and glugin_unload functions.

The following is a basic Perl5 plugin.

use strict;

use Glib::Object::Introspection;

Glib::Object::Introspection->setup(basename => "GPlugin", version => "1.0", package=> "GPlugin");

sub gplugin_query {
    return GPlugin::PluginInfo->new(
        id => "gplugin/perl5-basic-plugin",
        abi_version => 0x01020304,
        name => "basic plugin",
        authors => ("author1"),
        category => "test",
        version => "version",
        license_id => "license",
        summary => "summary",
        website => "website",
        description => "description",

sub gplugin_load {
    return 0;

sub gplugin_unload {
    return 0;